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My name is Sandra and I welcome you to my wellness and travel tips blog! I have always been passionate about seeing new places and discovering new cultures. The world is so beautiful so I wanted to share with you some of my most memorable travel moments. In this wellness and travel blog,  I will share travel tips, including packing tips, best places to visit, my own travel photography and most importantly I will share my advice how to look after your daily well-being. Wellness and self-love is something that we can all incorporate into our daily lives and radiate happiness. I will tell you all about it!


I have been working in travel visa industry for over 7 years and will be happy to give you my professional travel visa advice. I specialise in arranging travel visas so if you need to obtain visa to any country world-wide, feel free to message me any time. I am originally from Lithuania but have been based in Scotland for the past 12 years. If you are ever in Edinburgh - let me know and let's go for a coffee! Have a wonderful day wherever you are. Sending you lots of love.